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Why Dirty Beats?

Dirty Beats was forged out of the desire to bring a sophisticated club vibe to Niagara’s most discerning ears. Inspired by performers found at the world’s most renowned nightclubs and music festivals, I will create a nostalgic musical adventure for you and your best friends. Beats for your wedding, prom, stag, doe and doe, house party, or club. Dirty: because the best nights are spontaneous and a little rough around the edges. Now booking for 2024 and beyond.

What to Expect

As your wedding DJ (or DJ for for any other special event in Niagara, Hamilton, or beyond), I promise to deliver the good stuff without the fluff. Planning is as hands-on or hands-off as you want it to be; you tell me generally what you like, and I will create a custom set. My clients prefer a genuine musical experience rather than over-the-top effects, pageantry, or drama.

Your event should be no different from a club night or music festival, where your guests deserve to experience something new. My approach is to include tracks that you’ve never heard before, along with a fresh take on some familiar ones. I may play tracks at your wedding that I discovered (or produced) only days before.

You want Dirty Beats at your wedding because You DON’T want to hear Uptown Funk, Sweet Caroline, or all the same flaccid songs you’ve heard dozens of times. Do you go to fancy restaurants and order the same pasta you could’ve eaten at home? Why pay through the teeth for a Spotify playlist of random hits you’ve heard in the grocery store? If the night starts with “…Cuz tonight’s gonna be a good night”, you know it’s going to be a LONG night hiding in the vineyard, the bar, or anywhere BUT the dancefloor.

Our Dirty Beats move seamlessly into each other as you and your guests lose track of time, fully absorbed in the euphoria of your event. Our theatre grade sound system will give you a musical experience that you will feel in your heart and in your feet. Grab a drink, find your friends, and forget yourself.

Fine Tuned Sound

The way you hear music is just as important as the music itself. I have extensive experience with acoustic control and sound presentation: Years of never-ending nights at clubs and music festivals all around the world enjoying productions from some of the most inspiring DJs means we know what good sound should be. Your sonic experience will be superior: Bass you can feel, treble that doesn’t pierce your ears, and velvety smooth mids that don’t get lost in the mix.

Many wedding DJ services will play the music loud. But if it also hurts your ears, the sound system is hollow garbage or it has not been properly tuned for the location. In some venues, the music can sound painful no matter where you are in the room, not only if you’re on the dance floor immediately in front of the speakers. Low quality sound (often from an under-powered, gutless, system) can cause painful echoes and acoustic artifacts. Dirty Beats focuses the sound onto the dancefloor to really give it to those who want it in their face, but those who just want to groove along can still enjoy the show from anywhere in the room. When I say you will get the nightclub experience, I mean it.

Your DJ

I was classically trained as a violinist but I also play drums and synths. I developed a deep appreciation of the structure, form, and emotional content of music. Although I spent years exploring acoustic forms, for me, there is nothing else like electronic music: The unmatched richness in textures, the unique sounds, the driving basslines. The way it can delicately hold you in a balance between high energy dancing and a dream-like trance is unlike any other musical genre. I want you to experience the same rush I feel when that final chord resolves…or when the big dirty kick drum drops back in.

See you on the dance floor.


Rates & Pricing

Please contact me if you need something that does not fit one of the below options or if you need a custom package!

Cocktails until close


— Up to 8 hours —
(cocktails to close)

Always live performance (no auto playlist)
Club Experience
Top of the line sound system
Indoor or Outdoor

Lights and Special effects available

Save on photography! Ask about dancefloor photos

Ceremony until close


— Up to 12 hours —
(ceremony to close)

Always live performance (no auto playlist)
Club Experience
Top of the line sound system
Indoor or Outdoor

Lights and Special effects available

Save on photography! Ask about dancefloor photos


Text anytime


Send a direct email



Keep in mind that although these are not always direct example of what has been played at weddings, these are recordings of my own live mixes. Some of them even have some of my own original productions.

Three hour set recorded from one of the nights at the brink of Niagara Falls. Part of a series of outdoor summer events. Dance to epic summer tunes under the mist of one of the natural wonders of the world. This set builds from organic house into progressive house until we welcome the fireworks.
See you again next summer!
Recorded from a small lunch event. This mix brings a balanced energy to an event that is all about catching up with friends and reminiscing about all the best things in life. Here’s to a great season!
For the unusual hourless times between xmas and new year’s. Let’s try to forget about all the troubles in the world right now and put our minds somewhere else for an hour. A mix of progressive house tracks from Hernan Cattaneo, Nicolas Rada, Guy J, and more.
Recorded Live. A sweet mix that hits your ears like a kiss from Autumn. Gather your friends, grab a drink, and remember the good times.
Recorded live as we watched the sun set. Sometimes, we welcome the night and a time to cool off.
Recorded live from a private outdoor event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever tf you want. If you leave it up to me, I will play soft, acoustic, folksy, or chill tracks. Think of the ambience you might experience while out for coffee or dinner on a patio. Your guests will feel like they stopped at a really fancy Starbucks before going out for dinner and hitting the club.

I am a huge fan of house and all its sub-genres. But I also love trance, techno, nu-disco, and more. I also appreciate most forms of acoustic and classical music.

Whenever guests make requests, it turns into “the all request lunch hour” on your local easy rock radio station. Requests can vary widely in style and genre and can make your party feel like a 12 year old’s playlist. You are hiring me to create a cohesive evening of musical entertainment that fits with your style and elevates your event. So no, I don’t take crowd requests. That being said, if YOU have some specific songs or artists that you would like to hear, please let me know and I will aim to work in a few of them.

You will provide a list of the tracks/songs you would like played for key moments in the night (e.g., first dances and entrances). These can be anything you want. If you have specific requests for tracks to be played during cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, or other moments, please let me know. Otherwise, I will use my best judgment for tracks that fit within the overall mood of the evening.

Damn right I will! I can’t believe this is still a question.

I have musically involved for my entire life. I have performed in orchestras, marching bands, pub bands, jazz bands, and loads of solo work. I have also covered countless weddings (and continue to do so) as a wedding photographer. Needless to say, I am very familiar with the expectations and format of a wedding day. I also understand the importance of keeping things on schedule and I have never been responsible for a single delay or mishap on a wedding day. You are getting someone who is experienced, professional, and capable of providing a quality product no matter what the day throws at you.

It’s always me. Rain or shine. If the unthinkable happens, and I can’t be there, I will absolutely send someone. But I have NEVER missed a wedding. The morning my wife gave birth, I was at a wedding 5 hours later.

Probably. If your venue is in Niagara, then I am confident I know it well. But I will always arrive early to any event to make sure I am prepared for any unforeseen hiccups.

Yes, these are available on request and carry their own associated fees. Given that the cost of a given effect varies so widely, quotes for these are provided on a per case basis. But I could bring smoke machines, bubble machine, lasers, lights, and more. These are things you can add on closer to the date.

Yes, I can! I will always ask you what you would like to hear (since you know yourself best), but if you are unsure, I am happy to make suggestions.

I will need a sturdy table (ideally a rectangular or square table) located at at the dancefloor area. The table can be covered to match your decor, but please keep away anything with liquids in it. The minimum space required, including table and speakers, is about 10ft by 5ft. I will also need access to power. Ideally, I will have access to at least one 20amp outlet or two separate 15amp outlets, but I can make do with a single outlet if required. If needed, I will bring my own table that is suited to the aesthetic of your event.

I promise, no fedoras or black “uniform”. I typically go for dress pants, a nice shirt, and a smile.

I sure can! However, I strongly believe you should invite a close friend or family to MC your wedding reception. Someone who is close to you, and knows your family and friends, will almost always do a better job than a stranger. The best MC is a person that many of your guests will know and trust. This is also likely a person who knows your inside jokes and funny stories and can offer small tidbits to segue between the many pulses of your wedding reception. That being said, I’m more than happy to make announcements and introductions throughout the night!

You can either provide a schedule for me to follow, or list the games/happenings that you would like to include in your evening. With the help of your MC, I will find suitable opportunities to make them happen without scheduling things down to the minute. My advice is to let things happen organically. Cut the cake whenever TF you feel like it; fling that garter across the room whenever you decide it’s chafing you. Planning everything to the minute leads to disappointment and lack of spontaneity. Keep it real.